Choi Seong Yeon [최성연]

Hallo, Aloha, Anyeong…

Choi Seong Yeon imnida. That’s my Korean name.

I’m just a little girl -that-is-my-mother-thinks- who likes to write anything on her mind,

And I also like reading.

I have account in, so if you find some  fanfictions in there that have similarity, they are mine.

Sometimes I have an idea but I am not in mood, and it makes me upset because I cannot develop my idea to be a writing.

Actually I don not really like writing, but I always write or it can be called streak -may be-.

Behind of my book there must be streaking. That’s why my teacher complains to me  -____-

And I was born on 1996, my zodiacal is Aquarius.

I like to call myself Neptunuss’ Delegate. Haha

Thank You So Much You have visited my Blog ^^

Bye Bye

typed by Neptunuss’ Delegate


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